How It Works For Tutors

See How it Works For Students

Find the sub-site with the subject you are ready to teach

1- if you are on the main site choose one of the following:

a – Choose from the white menu by clicking on “All Main Subjects ” then clicking the sub-site title you need

Then proceed as in Step 2

2 – if you are on a sub-site with subjects you aren’t willing to teach then:

a – choose from the white menu by clicking on “Other Subjects ” then clicking the sub-site title you need

Then proceed as in Step 2

3- if you are on the sub-site you need:

That’s Fine 🙂

Then proceed as in Step 2

Proceed to registration

Click on “Register” in the top menu then:

  • – fill in the form by giving a username and a correct e-mail address.
  • – accept the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy by filling the test of acceptation
  • (read them first: on the bottom menu click on Terms & Privacy)
  • – Click the Register button.
  • – Go to your Inbox where you should find an email from the site. If not, it might be in the spam box. If you find it there, be sure to mark it “Not spam” in order to get the following emails from the site (admin and students/parents) into your Inbox.
  • – Copy the password sent to you, then go to the login page by clicking the link in the email and log into the site with your username and the password.

Then proceed as in Step 3

If you are on the main page of the main site, you can go to the registration page of the site of your choice by clicking on “Register or Log in” in the top white menu then by clicking on you preferred site.

After log in for the first time

– The first thing to do is to fill in the form of your Personal Info. 3 fields

– To do this, click on Personal Info link in the white right menu

– Everything there is obligatory. The Admins will check that before accepting any of your future listings

– Only Identity photos are accepted.

Then proceed as in Step 4

Click on “Add New Offer” in the top menu then:

– fill in the form. Obligatory fields have a red star.

– Use the “Rich Text” for nice formatting your texts only.

– No internal or external links nor media (photos, audio, video …) are accepted by Admins in fields with Rich Text.

– Take your time to fill the form. You should be convincing for students/parents to choose your offer

– Click on “Submit” and wait for acceptation 🙂 You will receive an email informing that you have submitted the offer to the site, then another email about acceptation.

Then proceed as in Step 5

You may want to make changes in your accepted and published offer

– Go to your offer page. You can do this by clicking the title in My Offers in your “My Account” or by making a search in the site.

– Above the tabs with your offer click the link Click here to edit (only you can see it when you are logged in)

– Your offer form filled with your information appears. Make the changes and click the Update button.

– In your My Offers” under My Account you can deactivate or delete your offer.

Then proceed as in Step 6

To add a new offer, click the “Add New Offer” as you did for your first offer

After step 5, you wait for students’/parents’ contacts.

When students/parents are interested in your offer, they contact you through the contact form for tutors.

Answer them through your “Private Massages” box in your “My Account” area or feel free to use the student/parent email address if they send it to you to contact them.

  1. When you are logged in, you can access your “My Account” in every sub-site
  2. Consider every such “My Account” in a sub-site as a sub-folder
  3. In every sub-folder you will find your offers and messages related to the given sub-site your are on. So you will not find things there that you have on other sub-folders (sub-sites)
  4. In every sub-folder you should enter your information in “Personnel Info” (your photo must be added) if you intend to make an offer in the related sub-site or review and comment other tutors if you are their student. Admins will verify this before accepting your listing or review.

This way you get your data organised 🙂

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